Single Player Video


If you enjoy other word games, then you are sure to find Word Fiji an exciting variation among them.

With six, seven and eight letter double-word arrangements your objective is to rearrange them to find the highest scoring words.

Each letter is paired with another, coupling the two words in a unique and challenging game. Play a friend head-to-head over Bluetooth or play a Single Player game that may be continued later. Practice for a Two Player game in the Single Player Timed Challenge mode.

Arrange the letters to make one or two words. Tap a letter to swap it with its counterpart. Tap, drag and drop to rearrange them (letter pairs will remain together). Blank out letters which are not required by tapping them in Flip Mode. Use high-value letter combinations to make a better score. Arrange two words (1 on top and 1 on the bottom) to receive a double score bonus. Span the whole line to complete a word for a bonus of 75 points (per line filled: 150 points max).

2-Player Challenge

Select either 45 or 60 seconds maximum per turn. Rearrange letters to construct one or two words to gain the most points per turn. The person with the most after 10 turns wins (10 turns/60 seconds each max, or, 12 turns/45 seconds each max).

Completing before the time limit adds the difference in points to your score. Try to get two words (1 on top and 1 on bottom) for the double bonus!!

Use the Hint button for suggestions both based on your current arrangement and based on random arrangements by the computer. However, if you use a hint any applicable bonus is not applied.

Only 3 hints allowed per game! Lock in your words before the clock has expired!

Single Player Timed Challenge

Play a Single Player Timed Challenge (10 turns/60 seconds each max) for a quick game of fun! Practice in this mode before playing a friend.

Play daily to improve your vocabulary! (results not guaranteed)

Single Player

In Single Player (New or Continue), the game is limited to 1 hour allowing one to play more freely. The last status of the game is automatically saved for continuation later.

Learn new words by studying the words which are revealed from the computer’s search after each turn!

  • Multi-player gaming for two people over Bluetooth.
  • Three enjoyable game modes: Single Player (with continue), Single Player Timed Challenge and Two Player Timed Challenge.
  • Continue from a previous Single Player Game (maximum time: 1 hour).
  • Listen to your music player instance (audio not obstructed in game).
  • Beautiful oceanic background scenes (credit: all photographs are courtesy of the NOAA - see their website and photo library collections at
  • Smooth animation and clean graphics.
  • Great tactile interface with audible feedback for arranging words.
  • Enjoyable end-of-turn animations showing the point accumulation earned.
  • Swift, common-sense animation and handling for swapping letter positions and letter rearrangement.
  • 6, 7 and 8-letter words.
  • Practical word hinting: based on your current words and based on randomly mixed variations of your current words.
  • A very original word gameplay with two word pairs.
  • High scores retention.
  • Challenging fun alone or with a friend.
  • Large word list (Note: game does not provide word definitions, only word spelling verification).